MIVA: Migrants’ Integration

MIVA: Migrants’ Integration

From a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani and PRISM Association, various community animation activities are developed in the territories of the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani through the international cooperation project “MIVA: Migrants’ Integration through Volunteering Activities “.

The project aims to contribute to the integration of third-country nationals through participation in cultural and social life in host communities, and to encourage the strengthening of the capacity of local communities to promote joint processes of integration, volunteering and cultural animation.

In particular, the development of intercultural and participatory activities in the local communities involved is planned with the aim of promoting social cohesion and integration, including: Sicilian-African cooking training course, local festivals for the promotion of cultural diversity, sport activities, cultural tours to discover the city, training workshops for third sector operators.

Activities can be attended by third-country and local citizens, volunteers, educators and social workers engaged in the areas of reception and integration.

The Agrigento and Trapani Community Foundation and the PRISM Association promote the involvement of local organizations in the implementation of activities through support with micro grant.

In addition to Italy, activities are planned in the following cities: Athens (Greece), Nicosia (Cyprus), Warsaw (Poland), Helsinki (Finland), Paris (France). The project is supported through “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” of the European Union.

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