Action Areas

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The Foundation is involved across the territory with a model based on listening and action: priorities are not predetermined, but arise through a process of co-planning with stakeholders from which needs and opportunities are identified, actors and resources can be aggregated to promote and support social action to improve the life of the community.

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The Agrigento and Trapani Community Foundation promotes and supports projects that respond to the priorities of the territory aimed at producing concrete, innovative and sustainable local development actions, able to facilitate the creation of common goods in the following action areas:

[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”7840″ title=”Promotion” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]of community welfare through education and assistance[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”7850″ title=”Support” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]for socially responsible youth enterprises[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”7851″ title=”Enhancement” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]of cultural and natural heritage[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_title heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″ inherit_align=”center”]Social generativity[/crocal_title]

Social generativity is the chosen approach for directing Foundation activities. 

This involves a new way of thinking and acting, on both a personal and collective level, that opens the possibility of a type of socially oriented, creative, connective, productive and responsible action that is capable of positively impacting the forms of production, innovation, living, caretaking, organizing, and investing by bringing new life to them.

Being generative means “to bring into the world” and “to take care of” what is generated so that it can grow and flourish. At that point it is necessary to “let it go”, that is, to enable it, to authorize it, to free it. This dynamic, read in a social key, may concern the birth or rebirth of a product or service, a business, a relationship, a new social form, or a project.

[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”8592″ title=”Putting it into the world” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]Entrepreneurial / creative phase[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”8593″ title=”To take care of” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]Organizational phase[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”8594″ title=”Let go” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]Transitive phase[/crocal_icon_box]
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