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The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani is promoting a fundraiser in support of community-based services for the most vulnerable people.

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The emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy, in addition to becoming a health crisis, is increasingly becoming a social crisis as well and requires a careful response by our entire community.

In addition to the extraordinary work of medical, paramedic and civil protection staff, non-profit organizations, thanks to the commitment of volunteers and workers, have not ceased to guarantee their services by remodeling them and operating in increasingly difficult conditions, taking the appropriate precautions.

For this reason, the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani has decided to promote an extraordinary fundraiser to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people, whose condition has been made even more precarious by the health emergency.

[crocal_title heading=”h2″ margin_bottom=”0″]How does it work?[/crocal_title]
[crocal_image_text image_mode=”medium_large” image=”9513″ image_shape=”radius-10″ shadow=”medium-shadow” title=”Donations” heading=”h5″ read_more_link=”url:%23|||”]Donations to the fundraiser will make the necessary resources available to support community-based services of assistance and intervention (including house assistance) for people discharged from hospitals, for elderly people living alone and for vulnerable families and/or with small children, all services created by the non-profit organizations found in the local area.[/crocal_image_text][crocal_empty_space][crocal_image_text image_mode=”medium_large” image=”9518″ image_text_align=”right” image_shape=”radius-10″ shadow=”medium-shadow” title=”Other services” heading=”h5″ content_align=”right” read_more_link=”url:%23|||”]Other services for vulnerable will be activated based on monitoring the difficulties that remain in the community, even after the acute phase of the health emergency has passed.[/crocal_image_text][crocal_empty_space][crocal_image_text image_mode=”medium_large” image=”9521″ image_shape=”radius-10″ shadow=”medium-shadow” title=”Together” heading=”h5″ read_more_link=”url:%23|||”]We trust in the generosity of citizens, companies and foundations that wish to make their contribution to confronting this emergency putting a strain on our communities and, at the same time, is bringing out the best in Italy: that doesn’t give up and helps those in need.[/crocal_image_text]
[crocal_title heading=”h2″]Donating is simple[/crocal_title]

Anyone can contribute, even with a small donation, so nobody is left alone.

[crocal_title]Bank Transfer[/crocal_title]

Bank transfer made out to the “Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani
At: Banca Popolare Etica, Filiale di Palermo
IBAN Code: IT55 E050 1804 6000 0001 6792855
Reason for Transfer: Emergency Fund


You can send the amount with your credit card (or prepaid card) by clicking “DONATE” (paypal)

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[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”9466″ title=”Un fondo dedicato” heading=”h5″]Le donazioni consentiranno di disporre delle risorse necessarie per sostenere e potenziare in via prioritaria i servizi di prossimità, di assistenza e di intervento (anche domiciliare) a favore di persone dimesse dagli ospedali, di anziani soli e di famiglie fragili e/o con bambini piccoli, servizi realizzati dalle organizzazioni non profit presenti sul territorio.[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”9467″ title=”Attrezzature” heading=”h5″]Le somme raccolte verranno destinate all’acquisto di attrezzature e materiali necessari per fronteggiare l’emergenza coronavirus.[/crocal_icon_box]
[crocal_icon_box icon_type=”icon_svg” icon_size=”extra-large” icon_svg=”9470″ title=”Presidi sanitari” heading=”h5″]Le direzioni generali delle due ASP locali (Agrigento e Trapani) forniranno un elenco dei presidi sanitari necessari e più urgenti che saranno acquistati direttamente dalla Fondazione Comunitaria e consegnati agli ospedali indicati.[/crocal_icon_box]

The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani will report all donations received with the utmost transparency and guarantees that all activities supported and resources used will be accounted for.


For more information: segreteria@fcagrigentotrapani.it

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