Community Bond: the most important value

Community Bond: the most important value

Community Bond: the most important value 2250 1500 Fondazione Comunitaria

The word “bond” means to connect and never before have “bonds” represented the most important value of each community as in this moment of great difficulty.  

The word bond makes us think of all those networks of solidarity, support and proximity in which such different threads are intertwined, yet all united by a precise variation of the words “take care of one another.”  

All these threads have a name and a face: there’s Giacomo who helps his younger brother Marco do his homework; there’s Anna, a little older than 18, who also does the shopping for Antonio, her elderly neighbor; there are Luca, Maria, Chiara, and Tommaso who take care of those who have been entrusted to them in a hospital bed, or in the aisles of a supermarket, or even behind a screen with a book in hand.         

This is where the name and logo we’ve chosen come from – they tell the story of these connections and the commitment of our Community Foundation in this time of emergency.

There are circles of many colors that don’t just intersect at a single point: each one “touches” the other along different points and in this way describes the circular, multifaceted bonds and alliances, that are always different but always attentive to those who are more fragile. These circles are not perfect and their almost freehand shapes demonstrates this clearly, yet in their intersection they create a solid and cohesive network. This reminds us that only by facing challenges together can we all be stronger.

From an idea by Giovanni Teneggi
Created by Hypebang
Text by Giulia Santagata

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