Inclusive Restart

Inclusive Restart

Inclusive Restart 2560 1707 Fondazione Comunitaria

The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani is launching a new call for proposal to support projects and actions focused on the reduction of inequalities in order to foster an inclusive and sustainable recovery of the community after Covid-19 emergency and its socio-economic consequences (in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda).

The COVID-19 pandemic, started as a worldwide public health emergency, turned into an overwhelming socio-economic crisis that needs prompt and robust responses and asks for new, efficient solutions.

The crisis can also represent the starting point to develop new forms of social cooperation, more effective than previous ones: we are now facing the challenge of reconstruction, and in time of crisis it is more important than ever to work together with determination. It is time to regenerate local ties, to develop community cohesion and to enhance cultural and social solidarity. Third sector organisations are among the actors that can play a key role in this phase of reconstruction, as they represent the possible basis of a new bottom-up process of inclusive and sustainable development of our societies.

Through the call for proposals Inclusive Restart the Foundation aims to actively support community-based initiatives able to activate or strengthen actions of social value, to the benefit of the widespread fragilities that the current emergency generated and amplified.

The Foundation, in order to strategically develop community-building necessary capabilities and synergies in such new socio-economic context, will provide support to participants in two complementary ways:

  1. Fundraising tools: Each selected project will take part in the crowdfunding program launched by the Foundation in order to get the financial resources necessary for its effective implementation;
  2. Financial support: Those reaching at least the 30% of the required budget will be co-financed for the remaining 70% by the Foundation

Moreover, the projects submitted by young teams (mainly made up of participants under 40) will join “La Prossima Generazione” programme, developed by the Social Generativity Archive of the Catholic University of Milan.

If you want to read the full text of the call and download annexes to fill in for submission go to this link.

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