#ApeOperosa: Bridge Builders… and Beehive Builders

#ApeOperosa: Bridge Builders… and Beehive Builders

Together, thanks to community crowdfunding, we can help the social cooperative Al Kharub in Agrigento realize its woodworking workshop for the construction of beekeeping equipment: a workshop to safeguard the Sicilian black bee and, at the same time, reduce social inequalities. Upon reaching the goal through donations, the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani will co-finance the #BusyBee project with a contribution equal to 70%.

Who is Al Kharub

Al Kharub is a mixed-type Social Cooperative ONLUS founded in Agrigento in 2011.

Their mission is the creation of inclusive, colorful, and forward-looking communities through the promotion of interactive inclusion of people with disabilities, prisoners, and migrants in our territory. They promote inclusion through two main activities carried out directly by the cooperative: beekeeping and catering.

The gastronomy activity, started in 2014, is carried out with the Afro-Sicilian restaurant Ginger-people&food, located in the historic center of Agrigento.

The beekeeping activity is aimed at protecting the Sicilian black bee (Apis mellifera siciliana) within the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Since 2012, they have been working, with great difficulty, to save this biodiversity from extinction, and through this activity, they integrate disadvantaged individuals into the workforce, organize training courses and internships with experts, aimed at young people with disabilities and unaccompanied foreign minors.

The Supported Project

Even the future of our planet depends on the survival of bees!

The beekeepers of Al Kharub, through the #BusyBee project, wish to expand and enhance their action in safeguarding the Sicilian black bee, while responding to the social needs of our territory by providing employment opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable individuals.

With the #BusyBee project, they will establish a small woodworking workshop for the construction of frames, beehives, frames, feeders, and anything else that can contribute to the well-being of bees. It will also serve as a reference point for other beekeepers in the area.

The workshop will be located within an 18th-century complex, a space in the historic center of Agrigento that will be revitalized and refurbished as a result.

The #BusyBee project has been selected in the “Inclusive Restart” call for proposals from the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani. The Foundation believed in the impact of the initiative and will finance a part of the total project value with a donation contribution equal to 70%. For the remaining part, and therefore, for this project to be realized, Al Kharub needs your support.

What Will Be Achieved with Your Help

Through the fundraising campaign promoted by Al Kharub and the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani on For Funding, they aim to raise 14,000 euros to:

Establish a small woodworking workshop for the construction of beehives, frames, and other artifacts for the well-being of bees, which can also be sold to third parties; Revitalize the premises where the workshop will be established, located in a building in the historic center of Agrigento (specifically, cleaning, painting, window fixing, and installing a compliant system will be required); Expand the activity and, therefore, create new training and employment opportunities in beekeeping by including more disadvantaged individuals in the team (people with disabilities or unaccompanied foreign minors or young adults). Currently, two disadvantaged individuals work with Al Kharub, but they would like to add another after a training program. Additionally, woodworking and beekeeping training courses will be organized for people with disabilities, unaccompanied foreign minors, and refugees.

Your donation can mean a lot to Al Kharub and their territory, as it would allow them to:

  • Increase the well-being of the bees through efficient work rationalization;
  • Improve the management of the cooperative’s resources;
  • Reduce production costs with the possibility of entering the market with a more competitive product;
  • Increase the profitability of the activity.
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