Distributed Infopoint: A Welcoming City

Distributed Infopoint: A Welcoming City

Bars, tobacco shops, and downtown stores transformed into infopoints. The BEAUTY of a territory rediscovered, narrated, and shared. It becomes CARE to generate well-being and happiness for everyone, without exclusion, for travelers and residents alike.

Support this project to help the Community Cooperative “Identity and Beauty” to create the largest Infopoint in Italy in terms of the number of operators and service points relative to the population. Upon reaching the goal of €3,000 through donations, the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani will co-finance the project with a contribution equal to 70%.

Who is the Community Cooperative “Identity and Beauty”?

The Community Cooperative “Identity and Beauty” was born in Sciacca during the COVID emergency. It is entrusted with the management of the “Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi,” an open-air museum born from a community pact with the people of Sciacca to achieve common goals for all: generating happiness and well-being through a “global development” of the individual and, consequently, the territory. To achieve this, the cooperative operates in three distinct but interconnected areas: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, CULTURAL GROWTH, SOCIAL INCLUSION.

Their MISSION is to transform Sciacca into a welcoming tourist destination that aims for high-quality tourism through a cooperative, participatory, and inclusive ecosystem.

The Project to Support

In Sciacca, there is a community that has decided to write its present and future. They want to become a welcoming tourist destination where the beauty that surrounds them generates a healthy economy. To welcome those who come to Sciacca, bars and shops are transformed into INFOPOINTS that are always open and completely inclusive. They will know how to welcome and provide information in all the languages of the world thanks to simultaneous translators. They will have very extended opening hours, starting in the morning with the bar and closing late at night with the pub. All this in perfectly accessible locations distributed throughout the historic center.

They will provide ideas, answers, proposals for experiences and itineraries. But above all, they will welcome temporary fellow citizens and show them the best of their community.

The INFOPOINT DIFFUSO project was selected in the “Inclusive Restart” call for proposals from the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani. The Foundation believed in the impact of the initiative and will finance a part of the total project value with a donation contribution equal to 70%. For the remaining part, and therefore, for this project to be realized, the Community Cooperative “Identity and Beauty” needs your support. Through the fundraising campaign they are promoting on For Funding, together with the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani, they aim to raise 10,000 euros to create the DISTRIBUTED INFOPOINT.

What Will Be Achieved with Your Help

The Sciacca Community, through the INFOPOINT DIFFUSO project, wants to create new welcoming spaces open to everyone: a place of physical and mental inclusivity to make people feel not like strangers but friends.

The project involves the initial setup of 10 infopoints, all equipped with a multilingual simultaneous translator, a series of georeferenced audio guides, and a Braille map to discover the territory, its narrative power, its memory, its identity, its beauty. Without any language or sensory barriers.

The same simultaneous translator device will not only break down language barriers but also bridge the communication gap with the deaf, among fragile and vulnerable individuals who are usually excluded from any form of welcome. Thanks to a LIS interpreter, all informative materials and video guides that can allow the deaf to undertake a historical-cultural journey through the identity and traditions of Sciacca will be created.

Thanks to donations, the cooperative will be able to support the costs related to the purchase of technologies and graphic materials (amounting to €1,000 for each infopoint) necessary to ensure accessible welcoming to all.

2560 1704 Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani
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