Let’s Restart Together: Get on Board

Let’s Restart Together: Get on Board

Together, thanks to community crowdfunding, we can support the Arcobaleno Social Cooperative in acquiring a new wheelchair-accessible transportation vehicle for disabled individuals. Upon reaching the goal through donations, the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani will co-finance the project with a contribution equal to 70%.

Arcobaleno Social Cooperative

The Arcobaleno Social Cooperative carries out extensive activities in the province of Trapani to support vulnerable populations. It pursues two important objectives: facilitating access to therapy centers for differently-abled individuals and the elderly, and combating school dropout among children and adolescents who face greater difficulties in accessing the school environment.

The Project “Let’s Restart Together: Get on Board”

With the project “Let’s Restart Together: Get on Board,” the Arcobaleno Cooperative aims to respond to all transportation requests in an appropriate manner by purchasing an additional wheelchair-accessible vehicle for disabled individuals. This will ensure that no one is excluded from the service and that assistance is provided more efficiently across the territory.

The project “Let’s Restart Together: Get on Board” has been selected in the “Inclusive Restart” call for proposals from the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani. The Foundation believed in the impact of the initiative and will co-finance a part of the total project value with a donation contribution equal to 70%. For the remaining part, and therefore, for this project to be realized, the Arcobaleno Social Cooperative needs your support.

Growing Transportation Needs and COVID-19 Regulations

The Arcobaleno Cooperative constantly receives new requests from users, including differently-abled individuals and the elderly, who need to travel to their therapy centers. Sometimes, they have to decline these requests due to the limited number of transportation vehicles available—currently only two.

In recent months, they had to refuse requests from about 50 pre-registered individuals. However, there is a larger group of hundreds of elderly and differently-abled individuals who could benefit from this service. The project operates in a territory characterized by numerous rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and aggregation centers for disadvantaged individuals—there are approximately 50 such facilities in the municipalities of Erice, Valderice, and Trapani. However, there is a shortage of transportation vehicles.

So far, the cooperative has an active agreement with the municipalities of Erice and Valderice, but soon the Municipality of Trapani will also join, increasing the demand for services. Additionally, in compliance with current COVID-19 containment regulations, they had to halve the number of transportable users in a single shift. Hence, the need for a new means of transportation. Currently, they have around 50 users, but the demand for services is much higher.

COVID-19 is a condition that affects everyone, but vulnerable individuals suffer from it to a greater extent. Despite their serious illnesses, they could not receive assistance during the lockdown. Families had the full burden of providing care, and sometimes, they lack the resources and skills to guarantee it. Transportation, which already occurred with exceptional care and professionalism, now needs to be provided for small groups. Maintaining social distancing between an operator and a differently-abled user is not possible, but increasing staff and transportation vehicles will allow users to access the service even during this emergency period, without risking their health or that of the operators.

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