Sciacca, the City of the Five Senses. The Season Begins for Sustainable, Experiential, Empathetic Tourism

Sciacca, the City of the Five Senses. The Season Begins for Sustainable, Experiential, Empathetic Tourism

“Sciacca – The City of the Five Senses” is a project for enhancing the territory and its cultural, natural, and artistic heritage, aimed at promoting quality tourism. It was born at the end of 2019 from the will and love of a group of citizens.

Today, visitors to Sciacca are welcomed by the Community of the City of the Five Senses, where artisans, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, guides, and many ordinary citizens, with expertise and passion, have organized a range of experiences and hospitality dedicated to visitors. The revolution at the heart of the project is that all members of the Community help and support each other, driven by a single vision: to welcome tourists as temporary citizens in an environment carefully detailed and infused with storytelling.

For this reason, on May 30, 2021, ten widespread infopoints will be inaugurated, part of a project supported by the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani under the “Inclusive Restart” call.

These are ten spaces from the daily life of Sciacca, from the tobacconist to the fabric store, from the artisan to the yacht club and the travel agency, which become actual infopoints for advising tourists, providing maps and brochures about places to see or experiences to have. Spaces equipped to communicate in all languages of the world thanks to simultaneous translators and accessible through the integration of LIS (Italian Sign Language). Spaces with a special opening schedule that begins at seven in the morning with the bar and closes at 2 am with the pub.

This marks the beginning of a journey for a community that has prepared for two years and today inaugurates its headquarters inside a 16th-century tower. Where today stands one of the ancient five gates of the city, to which this Widespread Museum has dedicated its symbol. A symbol of openness and hospitality in what for centuries was a place of defense.

Along with the headquarters, a digital platform is also being inaugurated, encapsulating the various operational and narrative souls of this project: a tourist site that tells the best of Sciacca to visit; the possibility to book and purchase bedrooms, meals, or experiences offered by the many structures adhering to the community pact; a marketplace to buy online local products, artisanal crafts, chefs’ kits, and everything that can be created or collected locally. Everything is shared with those coming from outside, especially offering sensory experiences to leave an indelible memory of their stay in Sciacca.

A museum to experience through recommended itineraries and routes based on individual needs, a city to discover and explore also thanks to free audioguides that narrate places and experiences not to be missed.

Sciacca to be experienced as an open-air museum, where everything blends together: territory, nature, history, arts, knowledge, people, flavors, fragrances, smells, memories. Where territory and identity are narrated by an entire community that believes in a future built with its own hands.

2560 1703 Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani
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