Social Report 2020

Social Report 2020

Memory supports and relaunches over time every form of the verb “to generate.” Each of us, by calling upon the memory of our dearest people, can precisely trace back to the first words uniquely spoken in this world. The memory of these first words is precious because it reveals connections, weaves destinies, and opens paths. This is true not only for every human life but also for every organization that is born with the goal of supporting the development of a community and a territory. For us, 2020 represented the first full year of activity, and in taking its first steps, the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani confidently uttered these first words: “face – the challenges – together” (Download the 2020 Social Report).

As a Third Sector entity, we have embraced the verb “to face” with the awareness that every possible action must be preceded by a serious and responsible approach, a “standing in front” that first and foremost engages the ability to listen, read, and analyze a territory, its needs, and its resources. We operate in a complex context, marked by social, cultural, and economic fragilities that the Covid emergency has further intensified and exacerbated. In this sense, for us “to face” has also meant “to form a united front” against inequalities, social disintegration, and isolation, to be an infrastructure capable of connecting and amplifying the impact of good initiatives.

The most important challenge taken up by the Community Foundation has been to build daily circular, multifaceted, hybrid but always sensitive bonds and alliances to those who are most fragile. It has thus been a challenge that has opened and opens up multiple “challenges”: the Community Foundation is in fact developing a strategic role in local territorial systems not only through fundraising actions but also by generating and facilitating community system projects capable of tackling complexity by converging resources and skills.

All of this has been made possible thanks to the wide local and extra-local partnership and the contribution of private individuals and organizations that support our activities for sustainable local development. “Together” is much more than the sum of the individual parts: it is the synthetic figure that defines the work, essence, and being part of a community. In 2020, the human capital of our Community Foundation primarily grew: the operational team expanded, the Steering Committee was established, and the pool of donors was enriched. At the same time, building relationships of trust, collaboration, and co-planning within the network woven with other community foundations, public entities, Third Sector entities, companies, and the local community was a priority.

The crisis we are going through confronts us with the urgent need for “reconstruction”: it is time to regenerate proximity bonds, to refocus on the work of social, cultural, and environmental care; it is time to invest in assessing the impact that our actions have on the cohesion of our communities. Only the ability for synergistic, rapid, global, and interconnected response can open paths that can really and concretely be defined as sustainable and inclusive in the face of every form of fragility.

2020 was not only a year lived under the sign of emergency and the responses deployed to meet new needs: we gave space to the implementation and design of important system initiatives consistent with our mission, to territorial animation, and to the construction of local and extra-local alliances.

A new time awaits us in which, as a Community Foundation, we wish to inhabit complexity and its challenges with the eyes of those who know how to seize and value each uniqueness, starting from the sense of community.

[Download the 2020 Social Report]

  • The establishment of the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani is part of the program to support Community Foundations in Southern Italy promoted by the CON IL SUD Foundation.
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