Social Report 2021

An Instrument of Accountability for Responsibilities, Behaviors, and Results

Social Report 2021

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Transparency is a fundamental principle for the Community Foundation: it characterizes our actions. Therefore, the social report is for us an instrument of accountability for the responsibilities, behaviors, and social, environmental, and economic results of the activities carried out. Below you will find the “Letter to the Community” with which we present the meaning of the work carried out last year and, at the end, the complete Social Report available for download and reading.

Letter to the Community: “How can I help?” A simple, immediate, respectful question. A recurring question that has accompanied the way we have concretized our mission over the past year. The year of the long wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the year of increasing inequalities. We have positioned ourselves next to people and organizations with this posture, driven by the desire to cooperate to build a shared vision, to lead to a common action, to generate a sustainable impact.

And so our “How can I help?” took shape and life in the social enterprises we have created and supported, in the youth we have accompanied along their educational and growth path, in the people to whom we have managed to guarantee a second chance, in the many projects for local social and economic development we have started and which we tell about in the following pages.

The challenge we have accepted with our daily work has been to reconstruct the horizon of the “possible” on which each person’s action could graft. Our “How can I help?” has been consolidated around people, places, and alliances capable of building and nurturing that fundamental common good for local development: trust.

On trust, the most important infrastructure our community needs, is based the activation, which is the prerequisite for every change that entrusts people with the role of protagonists.

For this reason, we have dedicated time and energy to support communities in specific actions of building and developing a common vision, growing their project design skills, and creating strategic alliances with social impact.

To ensure that this commitment does not end in a multitude of stories of individual resistance, difficult to bring within a single vision and common action, it was important to define the horizon of meaning, the strategy, within which to give life to ideas and projects. This horizon for us is represented by the paradigm of “Social Generativity” which is based on four moments that have given vision and concreteness to our actions: desire, bringing into the world, taking care, letting go. They are the same ground in which our Foundation has laid its roots.

The Community Foundation finds its reason for existence in the generative impulse that leads to initiating and accompanying processes, rather than occupying spaces. Our “How can I help?” has generated change because it has triggered and accompanied processes capable of centering people, their energies, and the capital of trust.

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