TILT! – The final event of educational workshops promoting culture and innovation

TILT! – The final event of educational workshops promoting culture and innovation

On June 9th, immersed in the beauty of the San Rocco Museum in Trapani, we experienced an unforgettable moment, celebrating the talent and creativity of the young participants in the TILT! educational workshops – Inclusive Technologies for Youth, made possible by the Drop-in project selected by Con i Bambini within the scope of the Fund to combat educational poverty in children, and co-financed by the Peppino Vismara Foundation.

The final event of the second edition of the creative digital teaching laboratories was held on June 9th at the evocative San Rocco Museum in Trapani, becoming a moment of celebration for the creativity and commitment of the young participants.

TILT! represents an innovative educational model, developed with the methodological support of the prestigious Golinelli Foundation. This project aims to promote culture through a creative digital teaching approach, sharing with the local community and practical learning. A fundamental aspect of TILT! is the acceptance of error as an opportunity for personal growth, encouraging young people to experiment and learn from the process.

The collaboration with the IISS “Sciascia – Bufalino” in Trapani was crucial for the success of the workshops. Using the user-centered Design Thinking methodology, the boys and girls developed a series of extraordinary projects. This approach allowed them to understand the needs and expectations of the end users, creating technologically innovative, efficient, and empathetic solutions.

During the final event, the young participants proudly presented their works, which represent the fruit of weeks of intense work. Both physical and digital creations offer an original and evocative narrative of the city of Trapani and its places. It was exciting to see how they were able to express their unique vision through engaging and meaningful projects.

Among the projects presented by the students, we find:


An innovative app that guides you to discover the points of interest in Trapani. Through the use of QR codes, locals and tourists will be able to access detailed information about historical places, monuments, and museums to explore the city in an interactive and accessible way, enriching the tourist experience with informative and engaging content.

“Urban Tales”

This unique project uses 3D models and QR codes to tell the city of Trapani through the voice of the young people who inhabit it. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore 3D models of the main places of interest, and through QR codes, they can listen to the stories and personal experiences of young residents. This engaging narrative offers an authentic and unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the culture and life of Trapani.

“A musical igloo”

This innovative project aims to create a public space dedicated to musicians, offering them a place to perform and share their music. The musical igloo will provide a welcoming and equipped structure, and musicians will have the opportunity to “rent” instruments for their performances. This project promotes music culture and creates an inclusive environment where artists can express their creativity and connect with the audience. The musical igloo will become a reference point for music lovers and a meeting place for the community.


This exciting project offers a personalized tourist experience through the use of an innovative app. With WonderTour, tourists will have access to a wide range of itineraries and activities selected based on their interests and preferences. The app will provide detailed information on places of interest, monuments, restaurants, and much more, offering a virtual guide to make the visit to the province of Trapani a unique and unforgettable experience.

“Floating Houses”

This compelling project proposes the implementation of floating homes and stations for digital nomads. The “Floating Houses” will offer an innovative way of living and working, allowing those who work remotely to enjoy a flexible lifestyle and explore the beauties of the province of Trapani. This initiative offers a unique and evocative environment for those who wish to connect with nature and live an unusual residential experience.


This exciting app allows residents and visitors of the province of Trapani to discover a wide range of sports experiences through an interactive digital platform. The “Explore” app provides detailed information about sports activities available in the area, including hiking, water sports, trekking, and much more. Additionally, it plans to create a community of athletes with similar interests, promoting the sharing of experiences, advice, and tips within a network of sports enthusiasts.


This engaging music festival takes place on the three beautiful islands of the Egadi. “Egadify” offers a unique musical experience, taking artists and music lovers on an exciting journey through concerts, live performances, and top-class entertainment. This festival aims to celebrate the beauty of the Egadi, uniting music, culture, and fun in a charming atmosphere. “Egadify” becomes a must-attend event for music lovers and a way to discover and appreciate the charm of the Egadi Islands.

Thanks to the “Drop-in – Emerging Youth” project, the Community Foundation has once again demonstrated its commitment to growth and innovation, through the promotion of culture and education. The goal of supporting teenagers’ transition to adulthood, helping and stimulating them to build their life project, is central to their future and society as a whole.

During the final event, we had the pleasure of discussing with important local figures, following the greetings of Pietro Basiricò, President of the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani, Andrea Badalamenti, Manager of the Upper Secondary Education Institute “Sciascia and Bufalino”, Rosalia D’Alì, Councillor for Culture of the City of Trapani, Silvana Piacentino, Director of the Natural Reserve of the Salt Pans of Trapani and Paceco, Maurizio Schifano, Designer, and Maria Antonia Castagna, representative of Italia Nostra Trapani. Their words and their commitment testify to the importance of joining forces to promote the cultural and educational development of the territory.

Also, during the morning, the students of the “Nunzio Nasi” Comprehensive Institute, winners of the internal photographic contest “The beauties of my city”, were awarded. The older boys and girls of the I.I.S. “Sciascia-Bufalino” showed and described their digital applications in a peer education journey.

The final event of the TILT! educational workshops was a moment of great inspiration and discovery of the potential of young talents. We are confident that their journey will continue to be marked by successes and achievements, and that their contribution will enrich the social and cultural fabric of our community.

The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani is committed to continuing to support innovative projects that promote the social, economic, and cultural development of the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani. The final event of the TILT! workshops represents an important step towards the realization of this mission and pushes us to move forward, investing in the potential of young people and the transformative power of education and culture.

We continue to create opportunities and support young people through innovative education.

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