Social Report 2022: Community ties

Social Report 2022: Community ties

Transparency is a cardinal principle for the Community Foundation: it characterises our actions. The Social Report is therefore for us a tool for reporting on the responsibilities and social, environmental and economic results of our activities.
Below you will find the “Letter to the Community” with which we present the sense of the work carried out over the past year, and at the end the complete Social Report for you to download and read.

Immagine di vari nodi intricati su una corda, simbolo di legami comunitari e cooperazione nella Fondazione Comunitaria.

Community ties

The wisdom of our grandparents gives us a gesture that is as simple as it is powerful: tying knots to make a memory, so as not to forget something important or urgent in the rush of everyday life. A knot as an evident, tangible element, which by its etymology becomes a sign of a bond, a tie, a promise. It is no coincidence that in Scout educational pedagogy, the moment of promises is accompanied by the handing over of a kerchief with a knot in the centre, a symbol of belonging and commitment.
We make, tighten, loosen, tie knots.
We make, we tighten, we loosen, we tie again.
The same verbs and dynamics brought into play, in both cases, as commitment to memory and to caring for someone, for something.
2022 was the year of bonds for the Community Foundation: bonds and synergies born to give, at the same time, roots and wings to the desires of taking ‘care’ of and developing a community, our community. For the Community Foundation, 2022 was the year of community ties.
At this time, drawing up the social report then becomes an opportunity to look back with gratitude and renewed commitment at what has been accomplished, the people met, the projects implemented, the opportunities seized, the alliances built.
We have listened to the territories, the people, the organisations and we have forged alliances, cultivated trust, held together vision and concreteness, woven relationships of hard-working collaboration with the ultimate goal of working together for the common good.
We have carried out systemic actions with the clear intention of writing a new narrative in the face of the complex and multifaceted issues that still determine strong social and economic inequalities. At the heart of this narrative are the responses we have built together, starting with the community ties we have forged in the following nodal areas: local community development, education and combating child poverty, social and solidarity-based economy, and sustainability.
Thinking back now on these responses is like reviewing a precious weave and being surprised, as we turn, by the beauty that originates from the interweaving of countless threads that are strung together to form unique knots: we are threads of the same weave and happiness is never a private matter.

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