Towards a Community Cooperative: Signing of the “Generative Pact of the Calatino Community”

Towards a Community Cooperative: Signing of the “Generative Pact of the Calatino Community”

The “Generative Pact of the Calatino Community” is now a reality: yesterday afternoon (September 28), 33 participating entities signed the agreement to commit to the realization of local development actions outlined in the Pact, aimed at the integral growth and collective well-being of the Calatino community. The actions cover various development areas: from mapping and regenerating green areas and buildings to be converted into cultural and social spaces, to promoting sustainable lifestyles; from promoting employment integration pathways for vulnerable individuals, to educational workshops for youth; as well as programs for sustainable production methods for companies, cultural enhancement activities, promotion of sustainable mobility, and virtuous waste management.

Originating from Politèia (a project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) and managed by the partner Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani, the Community Pact was signed by: All season animation of Galesi Concetta, APS S.H.I.E.L.D Sicily, Archeoclub D’Italia APS – Caltagirone Show People, ASD I Calatini, Association Il Favo, Association Nave Argo, Catholic Action Caltagirone, Caritas of Caltagirone, Municipalities of Grammichele, Mazzarrone, Militello in Val di Catania, San Michele di Ganzaria, Ramacca, San Michele di Ganzaria, Licodia, Confcooperative Sicilia, Youth Council of Caltagirone, Extopia APS, Foundation INCONTROcorrente, Foundation Institute of Higher Technical Education for Information and Communication Technologies “Steve Jobs”, Il Geranio Social Cooperative Society, Comprehensive School Alessio Narbone of Caltagirone, Comprehensive School G. Arcoleo – V. Da Feltre of Caltagirone, Kalat Tour Mete, Lucio Barone, Metis Social Cooperative Society, Molino Crisafulli, Observatory of Calatino Cooperative Society, Paolo Buda for IGM srl of Perugia and Trimeta srl of Caltagirone, Plastic Free Odv ONLUS, San Francesco di Paola Social Cooperative Society, Valle dei Margi Agricultural Society, U.N.C.I. Caltagirone.

“The Pact is based on the paradigm of social generativity and uses the techniques and methods of participatory design,” the document reads. “It represents a new way of working with and for the territory, involving multiple stakeholders (public administration, institutions, third sector entities, companies, citizens) to build a new community welfare that puts people at the center, enabling them to act in a generative and contributory manner.”

“The hope of the municipal administration,” stated the mayor of Caltagirone, Fabio Roccuzzo, at the opening of the meeting, “is that the activities of Politèia can transform into a stable network of synergies over time. This innovative way of building projects in the territory, exemplified by the creation of the Union of Municipalities of Calatino, shows how institutions can and must come together, overcoming old and harmful parochial logics. A process of shared management of the territory makes everyone stronger, starting from Caltagirone, which as a reference city, is called to demonstrate concretely with its generosity how to involve the entire Calatino.”

“From the heart of Calatino, the community has come together to give life to the Pact, with a process facilitated by the Community Foundation, but our commitment does not end here. The journey will continue with a series of training and support meetings aimed at promoting the establishment of a Community Cooperative for Calatino,” added Daniela Avanzato, Coordinator of Local Cooperation Programs of the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani. “The approach follows the method of social generativity, a socio-economic paradigm developed in Italy by the research group led by Professor Mauro Magatti, chosen to guide the activities of the Foundation. It represents a new way of thinking and acting, both personally and collectively, that embodies the possibility of socially oriented, creative, connective, productive, and responsible action, capable of positively impacting the ways of producing, innovating, living, caring, organizing, and investing, infusing them with new life. Social generativity develops in three equally indispensable phases: 1. Bringing into the world → 2. Taking care → 3. Letting go. At this moment, we are taking care, to then let go of the stakeholders of Calatino, as they will be equipped with the tools, skills, and alliances necessary to continue co-designing development actions for the territory.”

The commitment of the Calatino Community will continue with a training and support journey organized by the Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani: from October 2023 to May 2024, 10 meetings will be held for third sector entities, companies, institutions, schools, and citizens with the goal of creating alliances, transferring methods and tools for jointly designing and implementing local development actions signed in the Pact, and establishing a Community Cooperative that works steadily over time, even after the experience of Politeia, within the framework of the Green and Inclusive Economy.

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