[crocal_title heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″ inherit_align=”center”]Civic, solidarity
and social utility [/crocal_title]

The Foundation pursues exclusively civic, solidarity and social utility purposes in the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani
We work for:


– the formation of a fund, the income of which is permanently bound to the promotion of community welfare activities in education and support, to socially responsible youth enterprises and to the promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of the territory


– the promotion of fundraising activities for the same purposes mentioned in the previous point.

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The establishment of Agrigento and Trapani Community Foundation is part of the program to support Community Foundations in Southern Italy promoted by the CON IL SUD Foundation.

The pillar of action is to achieve the goal of creating a community fund.
In the next ten years, that is to say by 2028, the Community Foundation will work towards acquiring assets of at least 2 million euros which will be duplicated to the sum of 5 million by CON IL SUD Foundation. This is an innovative sharing system which becomes a multiplier of local welfare.

This is a challenge that we can only achieve together thanks to the firm commitment of various social and economic components of the community.

[crocal_title heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″]Capital Fund[/crocal_title]

The capital fund of the Foundation at June 30, 2019 is equal to € 1,058,600 fully bound for the pursuit of the statutory and social objectives.

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[crocal_title heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″]Economia e finanza etica[/crocal_title]

La Fondazione ha affidato la gestione del proprio patrimonio a Banca Popolare Etica e ad Etica SGR.
Crediamo sia importante promuovere un’economia e una finanza etiche attente alle conseguenze sociali e ambientali dei propri comportamenti.
Banca Etica ed Etica SGR investono solo in settori e in realtà che rispettano determinati criteri in materia di tutela dell’ambiente, di diritti umani e di buon governo aziendale.
Entrambe sviluppano la propria attività bancaria a partire dai seguenti principi: trasparenza, partecipazione, equità, efficienza, sobrietà, attenzione alle conseguenze non economiche delle azioni economiche, credito come diritto umano.

[crocal_title heading_tag=”h2″ heading=”h2″ inherit_align=”center”]The instruments[/crocal_title][crocal_empty_space]
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